Mission and Vision


Coffee Party USA empowers and connects communities to reclaim our government for the people.


Coffee Party envisions a nation of diverse communities sharing a culture of informed public engagement that sustains a tradition where our solemn right to vote is the currency of our democracy.


As a member or supporter of the Coffee Party, I pledge to conduct myself in a way that is civil, honest, and respectful toward people with whom I disagree. I value people from different cultures, I value people with different ideas, and I value and cherish the democratic process.


We live the values we want to see in our government.


We empathize and engage with one another exercising humility, listening, honesty and respect, in order to provide an emotionally safe environment even when we disagree.

Continuous Learning

We seek the truth, learn the facts, and share with others to make informed decisions relevant to the ongoing improvement of ourselves, the nation and our shared, overlapping lives.

Authenticity & Transparency

Because we are human, in our genuine quest to restore our republic's representative democracy we may stumble, but we will do so in plain sight, with trust and expecting a hand up from one another.

Integrity & Clarity

We say what we mean, and do what we say and in so doing we strive to create a country that is whole and undiminished.


We reach out, engage and connect with people from diverse communities, backgrounds, cultures and political perspectives.

Transpartisan / Independence*

We engage in political and social bridge-building for the sake of finding solutions to common problems, working above and beyond ideological dogmas, putting the country first.