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Coffee Party USA invites all people to join us in creating an engaged and informed public that wields its voting power to reclaim our government for the people.


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Celebrate 10 years of Coffee Party USA

Ten years ago today, a growing divide became apparent among the body politic.  While our country was framed with a vision of governance by...
25th Jan 20
Donate $10.00 for 10 years of Coffee Party USA!

Celebrate Coffee Party USA’s 10th birthday by giving a gift of $10.00

An early Happy Birthday to Coffee Party USA on Irish Coffee Day! I begin the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the...
25th Jan 20
Donate to Coffee Party USA on Giving Tuesday

Show your support for democracy by donating $10 for 10 years of Coffee Party USA on Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! National Day of Giving encourages giving back. It takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. … Quite simply, take advantage of all...
2nd Dec 19

Democracy is Hard

Democracy is hard. In the words of Michael Douglas, who plays President Andrew Shepherd in the 1995 movie The American President, “America isn’t easy....
24th Nov 19

An Open Letter To Congress

As I watch the circus unfold in Washington, I felt compelled to write to my two Senators and my Representative in Congress. It’s time...
23rd Nov 19

Want to Get Together For Coffee?

Coffee Party USA was founded on the idea of getting people together over a cup of coffee and simply talking with each other.  We...
10th Nov 19

Facts and Views – Served With Humility

I recently had a conversation with my friend, a young woman who feels strongly about people needing to reduce their air travel in order...
23rd Oct 19
Coffee Party Annual Meeting Ask

Let’s Get This Coffee Party Started

  The Coffee Party USA Board just wrapped up its Annual Board Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah this year.  I am proud of...
29th Sep 19

September was Suicide Prevention Month and Chronic Pain Awareness Month

  By Amy Harth, Coffee Party Member and Volunteer Some thoughts as we close out September, which is both suicide prevention month and chronic pain...
29th Sep 19

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Support Coffee Party USA by voting with your dollars for delicious sustainable coffee that supports our movement and helps us grow. All of our coffees are grown on Organic Certified farms around the world.

For many of us sustainable sourcing is crucial. All the coffee you buy from coffee party usa arrives in a coffee bag made with certified compostable films which have a high barrier layer for oxygen and moisture, and yet strong and durable. We believe in being good to our environment


Coffee Party USA is a grassroots organization that envisions a nation of diverse, informed, and engaged civic minded communities. We are not affiliated with any political parties and do not endorse candidates.

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Coffee Party USA partners and collaborates with several organizations that support our mission and goals.

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