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12 Jun 2019
26 May 2019

Fighting Divisions with Civility

Civility and the way we talk to one another is being weaponized

21 May 2019

From “I Cannot Tell a Lie” George Washington to “Lies as Easily as He Breathes” Donald Trump: A Lucid New Book Provides Background to Understanding Our Truth Crisis

Current leaders of our country lie routinely, without serious repercussions. Educated people in high-level positions brush aside, as hogwash, both evidence-based knowledge and a near-total global consensus of scientists on climate change. And—perhaps the scariest part—relatively few Americans express alarm about the lying and assaults on objective truth. If you, like me, are genuinely baffled about this “post-truth” era of “fake news” and “alternative facts” and concerned about the state of American democracy, read on. Also, read Democracy and Truth: […]

12 May 2019


How do we fight divisiveness? Divisiveness today is the foundation of instability in our country. What  if you could do something – one on one – to fight it? Here’s one way: Walk a mile in your friend’s shoes. Consider information from their sources. Don’t react. Don’t judge. LEARN.  EMPATHIZE. UNDERSTAND. Do you have a friend who voted “the other way”, and now you are having trouble talking to each other? What can you do to understand your friend’s point […]

07 May 2019

An Antidote to Divisiveness and Gridlock: Coffee Party USA and Local Communities

What could you accomplish with common ground and cooperation with others in your community?

08 Apr 2019

Tinder for Politics

Yes, the political climate in Europe is as polarized as in the U.S., and many of the issues are the same.