25 Feb 2019

It’s About Dignity, Stupid!

First, let me apologize. I don’t really think you are stupid. I was competing for your attention with an oxymoron. And also to demonstrate how easy it is to get attention by using denigrating language. Something titled “Dignity Is the Answer” would not interest as many people. Yet I know the world would be improved if dignity were our basis for living. When dignity is present, all things are possible. Dignity is the right of a person to be valued […]

25 Feb 2019

Coffee Party Coffee: Making the world a better place

So many good choices and while you are enjoying your coffee you will know that you have helped to make our world a better place. Click on the links below to find out more about our Coffee Party coffees and how to order. CONGO ORGANICALLY FARMED GUATEMALA ORGANICALLY FARMED BRAZIL ORGANICALLY FARMED EAST TIMOR DECAF ORGANICALLY FARMED

25 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019
25 Feb 2019

Coffee Party USA Goal: Reform Wall Street

Protect everyday Americans! Reform Wall Street! Find out more about our goals at CoffeePartyUSA.com

25 Feb 2019
09 Feb 2019

Volunteer Spotlight – Jeanne Bear

Jeanne Bear is the subject of our volunteer spotlight for February 2019.  Jeanne joined us as a member back in 2011, and then began volunteering for us two years ago in several of our work groups.  Jeanne volunteers in Public Relations and National Community Organizers. She has also volunteered in Strategic Implementation.  Jeanne lives Portland, Oregon and is a retired technical writer for Hewlett-Packard. Jeanne was involved in the Coffee Party locally back in 2011 and would meet with others […]

02 Feb 2019
26 Jan 2019

2010-2019: Happy Birthday Coffee Party USA!

Coffee Party USA is one of many affinity groups that emerged from the political cauldron we called 2010. A January 26 Facebook post went viral and by Valentines’ Day a movement was brewing (pun intended). Our name implies that if Americans sat down and had a cup of coffee in a cafe or at a living room coffee table, we would find a spark of common ground. Finding how we are alike (rather than focusing on our differences) requires the […]

25 Jan 2019

Happy 9th Birthday, Coffee Party USA!

Vince Lamb, Coffee Party USA Board of Directors, celebrates our Coffee Party birthday on National Irish Coffee Day. This fun blog has birthday music and a great Irish Coffee recipe. Enjoy! A year ago today, I wished my readers Happy Irish Coffee Day and Happy Birthday to Coffee Party USA!  Today, I am reversing the order and wishing Coffee Party USA an early happy 9th birthday.  I begin the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the nonprofit for […]