18 May 2019

Have you Heard about the Stamp Stampede?

Campaign finance reform and corporate reform are serious issues, but that doesn’t mean that members and supporters of the Coffee Party can’t have fun while working to “pass campaign finance laws that limit the impact of special interest groups such as corporations, major political parties, and lobbyists” and affirm that “Corporations are not people, but consist of people” as the Coffee Party’s own goals declare.  To that end, Coffee Party USA has partnered with Stamp Stampede to “stamp money out […]

12 May 2019


How do we fight divisiveness? Divisiveness today is the foundation of instability in our country. What  if you could do something – one on one – to fight it? Here’s one way: Walk a mile in your friend’s shoes. Consider information from their sources. Don’t react. Don’t judge. LEARN.  EMPATHIZE. UNDERSTAND. Do you have a friend who voted “the other way”, and now you are having trouble talking to each other? What can you do to understand your friend’s point […]

07 May 2019

An Antidote to Divisiveness and Gridlock: Coffee Party USA and Local Communities

What could you accomplish with common ground and cooperation with others in your community?

29 Apr 2019

Coffee Party Golden Coffee Cup Awards for 2018

The volunteers of Coffee Party USA have voted on the nominees for the 2018 Coffee Party Entertainment Awards for movies, also known as the Golden Coffee Cups, so it’s time to announce the winners.  “BlacKKKlansman” won Best Drama or Comedy about Politics or Government of 2017 AKA the Best Political Scripted Movie.  Chadwick Boseman won two awards, Best Portrayal of a Government Official in a Film and Best Performance by an Actor in a Political Film for his role as […]

10 Apr 2019

Common Ground with our Coffee Party president: April

More than passion by Heather Prabish, president Coffee Party USA is an all-volunteer run organization.  Everything we are able to accomplish is done with the passion of our members and volunteers.  I love reading the stories of local chapters or groups of friends getting together over a cup of coffee and discussing the news.  I am very proud of the work our newsroom does in facilitating and moderating our Facebook page. I enjoy reading the different viewpoints and conversation in […]

08 Apr 2019

Tinder for Politics

Yes, the political climate in Europe is as polarized as in the U.S., and many of the issues are the same.

30 Mar 2019
20 Mar 2019
20 Mar 2019
20 Mar 2019