Coffee Party USA invites you to watch these political movies while staying safe at home

The 2019 Golden Coffee Cup Movie Shortlists

Hey, all of you binge-watching your guilty pleasure shows while staying safe at home! That includes all of you watching “Tiger King” — you know who you are! On behalf of Coffee Party USA, I have a suggestion to make your time in front of the big-screen TV in the living room, the slightly smaller screen in the bedroom, or even holding your tablet or smartphone work to help your appreciation of politics and government in film and then apply your understanding to help Coffee Party USA in one of our projects. Yes, it’s time for this year’s edition of the Golden Coffee Cups for movies. Follow over the jump for the shortlists for Best Drama or Comedy about Politics or Government (Best Political Scripted Movie) and Best Documentary about Politics or Government along a three-part activity involving them.

Part one of your activity is to watch the following fourteen feature films about politics and government released during 2019 that were nominated at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes by April 30, 2020. I labeled them with their genres and arranged them by total nominations at both awards shows (both in parentheses).

1917 (Drama/Action) (13)
Jojo Rabbit (Comedy) (8)
The Two Popes (Comedy/Drama) (7)
Bombshell (Drama) (5)
Harriet (Drama/Action) (4)
Frozen II (Fantasy/Animation) (3)
Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (Science Fiction) (3)
The Lion King (Fantasy/Animation) (3)
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Fantasy/Animation) (2)
Les Misérables (Drama/Action) (2)
Richard Jewell (Drama) (2)
Ad Astra (Science Fiction) (1)
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Fantasy) (1)
The Report (Drama) (1)

In case these fourteen films aren’t enough to watch while staying safe at home until the end of April, I’m sharing a selection of the rest of the scripted movies about politics and government released during 2019 in order by domestic (North American) box office from Box Office Mojo along with their genre.

Captain Marvel (Science Fiction/Superhero)
Aladdin (Fantasy/Animation)
Downton Abbey (Drama)
Men in Black: International (Science Fiction/Comedy)
Angel Has Fallen (Drama/Action)
Midway (Drama/Action)
Queen & Slim (Drama/Action)
Just Mercy (Drama)
Long Shot (Comedy)
21 Bridges (Drama/Action)
Black and Blue (Drama/Action)
Unplanned (Drama)
Dark Waters (Drama)
The Best of Enemies (Drama)
Hotel Mumbai (Drama/Action)
Anna (Drama/Action)
The Dead Don’t Die (Horror/Comedy)
Captive State (Science Fiction)
The Mustang (Drama)
Brian Banks (Drama)
Mission Mangal (Drama)
Clemency (Drama)

Who knows, some of you might think one of them is better than the films on the shortlist!

Part two is to watch the following documentaries about politics and government released during 2019 that were nominated at Academy Awards and Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards, again arranged by numbers of nominations at the two awards shows.

Apollo 11 (6)
The Cave (6)
American Factory (5)
One Child Nation (5)
The Kingmaker (4)
Knock Down the House (3) (I wrote about this on my personal blog.)
The Edge of Democracy (3)
Brotherhood (1)
For Sama (1)
Hail Satan? (1)
Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl) (1)
Life Overtakes Me (1)
St. Louis Superman (1)
The Chapel at the Border (1)

In addition to the above award-nominated films, I recommend my readers watch three other documentaries that I’ve written about on my personal blog, Free Trip to Egypt, Slay the Dragon and The Great Hack. I think it’s entirely possible that one or more of these will be nominated and might even win. After all, Saving Capitalism won Best Documentary about Politics or Government at the very first Golden Coffee Cups before it had been nominated for any other awards!

Part three is to become a member of Coffee Party USA by April 30, 2020, which you can do for as little as $30.00 per year. That’s because the members will also vote on the nominees and winners this year, unlike in years past when just the volunteers voted.

That’s your three-part activity. Now, have fun watching movies while supporting the work of Coffee Party USA, whose core values include continuous learning on behalf of an informed citizenry.

Vince Lamb
Coffee Party USA Board Secretary

Cross-posted at Vince’s personal blog, Crazy Eddie’s Motie News.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Party USA invites you to watch these political movies while staying safe at home”

  1. Vince, you should add “Too Big to Fail” to this list. It certainly has governmental overtones, and up until the pandemic news came out, was probably going to be a repeat story from the first time. Certainly will make you think about big banking in our time.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, as “Too Big to Fail” would be a good film to watch. Unfortunately, it’s not eligible for this year’s Golden Coffee Cups, as it was released in 2011. I am considering adding a Hall of Fame category for the fifth installment of these awards to honor films released before I started running these awards on behalf of the Coffee Party. It would be a good candidate for that, along with “The Big Short,” “Smartest Guys in the Room,” and “Inside Job.”

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