National Coffee Day

Vince Lamb (Dr! Lamb) has been involved with Coffee Party USA almost from the beginning. He has served non-stop on the Board of Directors for several years, seeking and vetting appropriate partners for our Coffee Party work; he has served as interim secretary and contributes daily to our popular Join the Coffee Party Movement Facebook page.

He is a science professor and environmentalist and (in his spare time) Vince blogs at his Crazy Eddie’s Motie News blogspot.

Vince wrote this blog for National Coffee Day and challenged his Crazy Eddie readers to get involved. He has a real passion for the environment, good jokes, coffee and Coffee Party USA.


Whether getting one to go or lingering over a second cup, on September 29 be sure to observe National Coffee Day!

In addition to my Crazy Eddie readers celebrating by having a cup or two of their favorite coffee, some of which can be had at a discount or even free on National Coffee Day, they can match my $10 donation!

  • Your donations have helped support our new Coffee Party USA website.
  • Your support helped people find a Coffee Party Voter Buddy, helped people register and get to the polls with our partners, TurboVote and National Voter Registration Day during our most recent election year.
  • You have also helped us start and support more Local Coffee Party Communities and you can still help in that effort.

If that’s not enough, my readers can become a member

Or volunteer with the national organization.

Coffee Party USA needs people to help with all the projects listed above (and then some) as we plan on doing even more that empowers and connects communities to reclaim our government for the people in the future.


To follow Vince Lamb, go to his Crazy Eddie’s Motie News blogspot.

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