Very Different People Working Together Toward Common Goals: The Coffee Party Way

Coffee Party USA Board members, Egberto Willies and Charlotte Coyle – at a glance – seem as different as night and day: he is a Humanist and she, a retired Christian minister. He is an extroverted activist while she is a quieter peacemaking advocate.

But as they have worked together with Coffee Party values toward Coffee Party goals, their relationship has deepened and demonstrated how people can forge real friendships across differences.

Here is a blog Egberto wrote in 2017 highlighting some of the values, ethics and approaches that they can fully agree upon as they work from their different personalities and perspectives. Values and approaches that align perfectly with Coffee Party USA.


I met this woman in passing in a coffee shop at a political convention. We struck up a conversation and have been good friends and now colleagues at the Coffee Party USA ever since. I found her ability to blend her Christian belief, the secular, and other faiths for harmonious coexistence very refreshing, a trait that other faith leaders would do well to emulate….

For some time I’ve complained that many in the religious community have been teaching their followers just to accept certain things when solutions conflicted with the Right ideologically. Moreover, they tend to discount those who think otherwise. This one segment of Charlotte’s piece dispels that in that it does not relegate all solely to faith but earthly intervention. [Charlotte says]

We all believe in something.

So let’s come together to believe in the shared power available to us and within us; power that we can wield against the evil that permeates our world. Let’s start believing in our ability to employ our power for peace and justice for all.

Let’s come together:

  • to help heal the anger and hatred that fuels the violence;
  • to find common sense solutions to regulate the weapons of violence;
  • to advocate for the most vulnerable: the youngest, the oldest, the poorest and the sickest among us;
  • to confront greed and hubris in our leaders;
  • to care for the earth, our home.

We are not helpless.


Read Egberto’s blog at his website: https://EgbertoWillies.com

Charlotte blogs about intersections of faith, politics and culture at her website: CharlotteVaughanCoyle.com



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