Austin has been a volunteer with the Coffee Party USA Newsroom since 2015.  He was attracted to the Coffee Party because of its broad inclusiveness and the goal of encouraging debate from a reasoned perspective.  He wanted to volunteer because he wanted to help encourage calm, critical debate on a broader platform.

As Austin says, “I’m a nerd, and with great nerd powers comes great responsibility. I tend to research for fun, so why not do something with it?”

The Newsroom work group finds or writes original articles to post to the main Facebook page. Austin chooses articles that he thinks will encourage real participation amongst those who visit our page. The aim is to inspire critical thought, along with political passion.

Austin feels that “there seems to be much [political passion] these days, without much [critical thought]. Hopefully our Coffee Party approach can affect some positive change whatever a person’s political viewpoint might be.

“Personally I don’t mind if people hate what I post. As long as it encourages healthy debate and conversion, I’m thrilled.”

One of the things Austin really enjoys about volunteering for the Coffee party is the camaraderie and working with people whether they agree or disagree. He appreciates engaging in discussions about any topic. If he’s wrong, he wants to know.

Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, Austin Wykes now lives in Windham Connecticut.

When not volunteering for the Coffee Party, Austin is a gamer, movie watcher, and exerciser. He likes to read, and occasionally write poetry. He also likes to blog sometimes, but has yet to do it for the Coffee Party.

Thank you, Austin, for all you do!


To join Austin and become a Coffee Party USA volunteer go to


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