Volunteer Spotlight – Heather Prabish

Heather Prabish has volunteered in numerous work groups and also participated in our Coffee Party Panelists Team, and has helped out in several foundation projects such as Coffee Party Talks, panelist guidelines and member surveys. She was a huge influence in our Coffee Party VoterBuddy effort.

Heather was born and raised in Nebraska and has lived most of her adult life in Chicago suburbs where she now resides. Heather is the mother of six children between the ages of 7 and 16 years. In her career, Heather has worked for software companies and with automated reporting inside the market research industry.

Heather has been volunteering with the Coffee Party since Spring of 2016. She was drawn to the Coffee Party through friends and followed our Facebook page before signing up as a volunteer. Even as a lifelong conservative, she was surprised by the 2016 primary election results and that encouraged her to become more active. Heather really likes Coffee Party’s commitment to being reasonable and civil and keeping that respectful engagement during difficult conversations.  She wanted to do something to help the country and the community to make sure this is the type of place she (and her children) would like to live.  

Heather first signed up in Campaigns/Actions and Strategic Implementation. She likes that Strategic Implementation looks forward for the Coffee Party to help determine the next steps we need to take. In other words, this group has the general concerns and health of the organization in mind. Campaigns and Actions works to engage people and promote our ideals and find things that people can do and be involved with; it is very action oriented.  

Heather then received an invitation to work with the Partnerships work group. This group of volunteers considers other organizations and evaluates them in light of our Coffee Party goals to see if we have potential for collaboration. One good thing about this group is that if she occasionally misses a call, she can still continue her research and post her thoughts on their private Facebook page or via email.

Heather’s favorite thing about volunteering with the Coffee Party is that she can hear ideas from all points of view. Heather tends to lean more conservatively than many of our volunteers, so it’s interesting to hear those different perspectives. People are whole people and ideas are just ideas.  

Heather’s favorite project so far was hosting the Coffee Party Talks.  Heather has done two Coffee Party Talks, the first one was with family members (mandatory for her 4 older children!)  It was interesting listening to their views and hearing the optimism and hope in their voices and inspiring them to engage civilly. 

The second Talk was with some non-family participants drawn from her book club and running club. They were excited to be a part of it. Heather has a lot of friends that are Trump supporters and the Coffee Party Talk provided a space where they could talk without being attacked; that format appealed to them and so there was a level of trust that they would remain friends anyway. The group was able to freely discuss why they were voting a certain way.  

When not volunteering, Heather enjoys reading and being involved with her children’s activities, watching them progress and grow.  Heather really likes the conversations she has with her children especially after dancing or swimming.

(2019 update: Heather now serves as president of Coffee Party USA!)

Thank you, Heather for all your contributions to make the world a better place.  

Would you like to volunteer along with Heather?  Go to www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer

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