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The Coffee Party USA Founding Story

Not unlike what might be found on the “Acknowledgements” page in a best selling novel, our story would not be complete without taking a moment to honor the founder of our movement, Annabel Park.

Today, Annabel is taking her commitment to bringing democracy back into the hands of the people by moving on to other projects. But we remember how her passion inspired the grassroots movement that became Coffee Party USA.


When I began the Facebook fan page “Join the Coffee Party Movement,” I had no idea what would transpire.

It was about 1:30 a.m. January 26, and I was frustrated by the news coverage that implied that the Tea Party was representative of America. I completely disagree with that!

I was driven by a question, a curiosity: If I build it, will they come?

Would anyone respond to my call for civility in our political discourse and cooperation in government?

Annabel goes on to speak of Americans who seek civility and reason in the political process, and offers the Coffee Party as the place to “discuss solutions for the problems rather than strategically obstructing any progress”.

Now Annabel has moved on to other efforts, still following her passion to nurture and nudge our nation to live up to its own ideals.

What have I been up to? A few years ago, we decided that the best way to run a democracy movement would be to have its members elect its leaders. So, I have been contributing to America’s struggle to preserve self-governance in other ways (while watching as Coffee Party takes on new challenges like a parent whose child has left the nest).

Where Do We Go From Here?

Inspired by a deep appreciation of what Annabel created, Coffee Party USA moves forward with confidence that this republic’s democracy is broken, that We The People can fix it, and that it will be civility and reason that will win the day over divisive rhetoric and talking points.

Coffee Party continues its commitment to serve our members and supporters by offering:

  • fact based civil discourse on social media (the Facebook page Annabel created now has over a million followers!)
  • opportunities to gather together (Local Coffee Party Communities meet to engage in constructive collaboration)
  • targeted actions, “on the pages and in the streets” (our members and supporters are active in local and national marches and get-out-the-vote efforts)

Thank you Annabel Park for what you inspired.

We will continue to CoffeePartyON !

Read Annabel Park’s 2010 CNN article here: Why I started Coffee Party USA

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