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November 2018

Using Story to Listen

By Jeanne Bear In our current body politic what could rationally be called conversation...
20th Nov 18
The pathology afflicting the country is waning just fast enough

The Pathology Afflicting the Country is Waning Just Fast Enough

The Midterm 2018 Blue Wave proved that the pathology is waning. Unfortunately, the defeat of Stacey...
18th Nov 18

Make America Kind Again

A photo of this cap made the rounds in cyberspace not long after the...
15th Nov 18

Fourteen Skills to Survive Holiday Season’s Social and Political Interactions

By Chrystine Julian When checking out the Coffee Party USA one of the first...
13th Nov 18
October 2018

Why Bother With Civility: Because It Works!

I have learned that how we say what we say determines whether or not...
22nd Oct 18

Something Special for You for Keeping Us Strong for 10 Years

Coffee Party USA is looking for passionate people from all America’s diverse communities who...
16th Oct 18
September 2018
Coffee Party USA

Citizens Intervention Trailer — thank you to all survivors! Coffee Party

Coffee Party Members endured a rainstorm, a sleet storm, a hail storm, and a...
9th Sep 18
Thoughts on MLK from Coffee Party Volunteers

Thoughts on MLK from Coffee Party Volunteers

(From Victoria) Of all the words of wisdom left behind by Dr. Martin Luther...
9th Sep 18
April 2015
Do Unto Others The Golden Rule

Do Unto Others

So why has the human race never really figured out how to live by...
8th Apr 15
March 2015

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2nd Mar 15